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Today we are crushing on Dr. Barbara Sturm for our #galvanizeyourworld series. The Mother of two, lover of fashion and #galvanmuse, has created a cutting-edge beauty regimen that is loved by celebrities and has become one of the biggest names in the beauty world. Barbara talks about her work, the causes close to her heart and shares her ultimate styling advice.


How did you start your career? 

My career started out as an orthopedic doctor and being an orthopedic doctor I helped pioneer a scientific treatment - basically taking the blood, creating anti-inflammatory proteins and reinjecting the blood into the joints to take down inflammation, stop the ongoing process of aging. So coming from that science part, I translated all my knowledge into the skin and I invented something which you call today “Blood Facial” or some people know it as “Vampire Facial”, that was my invention. After this, I came to do a cream with the blood, then my patients were asking me “Dr. Sturm what is your regimen? Which cleanser should I use? Which serum should I use?” So, I created this whole line around anti-inflammation, hydration. I think so many products lack hydration. This was such an important part of the development of my products. I think it’s a really nice skincare line now, everybody loves it, so it makes me really happy.

The most rewarding aspect of your work ? 

My absolute pay off is when my patients, clients or customers come to me and say “Dr. Sturm, thank you for creating this product, you transformed my skin”. I love this, that’s my pay, that’s all I want. 

What inspires your style ?

Obviously Anna! For me Galvan is so natural to me. You look chic, you look sexy, you look classic. It’s so nice and always fits. I never have time to get dressed, I’m always doing it between meetings and everything. I know it just fits me and I don’t have to try on ten thousand things. So yes, Anna inspires my style. I like the 80’s, 90’s, what Kate Moss always wore. I’m getting into an age where I don’t wear this so much anymore but Anna still finds a way to make me look very confident in my skin and dresses. 

What’s your ultimate styling advice?

Wear your skin. As you can see I had my makeup done but the foundation which goes on my body never went on my face, on my skin. So I always wear my skin, we did a little eye, concealer, powder, contouring and that’s it. Wear your skin with confidence, I will help you with that. 

What’s your mantra ? 

Love your skin and love yourself. Happiness is a big big part of anti-aging. Just keep smiling, it makes it all better. 



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