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Today we are featuring Chef and Mama, Eden Grinshpan for our #galvanizeyourworld series. Eden hails from Toronto where she is the host on Top Chef Canada. She is currently working on a cookbook that will launch later this fall with recipes inspired by Eden's Israeli heritage and travels. 
We love Eden's joy and humour she brings to everything she creates. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband Ido and 2 year old daughter Ayv.

How did you start your career? 

I moved to NYC when I was 22 years old. I enrolled at ICE for the management program and worked FOH at BabyCakes in the lower east side.

While I was working and studying I met a cinematographer names Samantha Schutz and we started shooting together in BK. We developed a show and sold that to the Cooking Channel. The show was called Eden Eats. Since then we've sold Log On and Eat with Eden Grinshpan, I've judged shows like Chopped Canada and Sugar Showdown and I am now the host of Top Chef Canada and I am a soon to be author. I have my first cookbook coming out fall 2020 with Clarkson Potter.


What’s a cause that is important to you? 

I have partnered with several non profits. Ones that I am working with now, City Harvest and Save a Childs Heart


Most rewarding aspect of your work? 

Getting to work with new people all the time. I love collaborating and getting to know people. I work much better in groups than I do alone. I also get to work on new projects all the time. It keeps me on my toes and keeps me creative.


What inspires your style? 

Living in NYC. Just walking down the street you see so many cool styles. I'm that person who stops people on the street and asks them where their clothes are from. I also get A LOT of inspo on IG. I have a folder called fashion inspo and save all my fave looks there.


What are the three things you can’t live without? 

Well aside from my husband and daughter: Travel, Food, WINE


Jumpsuit or dress?



What do you find the most challenging? 

Motherhood for sure. My job is a breeze compared to what goes into raising a human being. I am terrified of making mistakes but getting used to the idea that no one is perfect and you can't do everything "right" you just have to do your best and usually your best is amazing.


What has motherhood taught you? 

Patience...I am not a patient person and I like to get things done fast. It is forcing me to slow down and to take everything in, which I am very grateful for. Also, having children puts everything into perspective.


What’s your ultimate styling advice? 

Be comfortable and wear clothes that you feel your best in. That way you give off confidence and that is the sexiest look


What’s your mantra? 

Treat people the way you want to be treated


Eden Grinshpan - Galvan London

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