In discussion with Leonie Hanne

Today we are featuring beauty Leonie Hanne for our #galvanizeyourworld series read more about Leonie's ambition in pursuing a career in fashion and following her dreams in her Q&A. We love her positive attitude.


How did you start your career? 

I started my career as a strategy consultant, I actually have 3 degrees and I worked in Germany’s biggest online retailer and fashion was something I always was passionate about. The moment I started to sell my pieces online and style them, I got a big audience of people asking for instagram and website. So, I decided to go all in: I stopped my corporate career and it went crazy. 


What’s a cause that is important to you?

Female empowerment. My first academic work I ever wrote was about “glass ceiling” and why it’s so much more difficult for women to make it to the top. Also now working in a creative field, I always feel like it’s not the men that block out women, it’s women that block out women. And, it’s also women doubting themselves and not feeling strong enough. So I want to help younger women to be more empowered, to be able to do whatever they dream to do. 


The most rewarding aspect of your work ? 

What I love the most is working with the brands I’ve always admired. For example flying to Seoul for Louis Vuitton or seeing Clare doing her magic for Givenchy. Working so close with those kind of brands is the most rewarding. 


What do you find the most challenging ? 

The most challenging for me is to work in a job where I could always work and I’m very hard working. So for me not to think about work and doing a vacation that’s the most challenging. 


What inspires your style ?

I get inspired from everyday life, when I go out on the streets, when I go to supermarkets. When I travel during fashion week I get the most inspiration, because I see the people on the street, I see the shows, I see what’s coming up next. I also do a lot of research on webshops like Net-A-Porter so I always see what’s coming in and see how they style it. But, life in general is quite inspiring. 

What are the three things you can’t live without?

First my boyfriend, second the perfect everyday bag; as a woman you always need your items to feel strong and the third one is the perfect evening dress and that’s why I love Galvan so much. 


Jumpsuit or dress?



What’s your ultimate styling advice?

Listen to yourself and dress however you feel comfortable. If you feel beautiful then people think you are beautiful and that’s what it’s all about, it’s just about how you feel.   


What is your mantra ? 

Stay positive. 


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