Inspirational female leaders - The Galvan founders

Established in 2014 by four women from the worlds of fashion and contemporary art – Anna-Christin Haas, Sola Harrison, Carolyn Franks and Katherine Holmgren, Galvan represents their shared vision for a more cosmopolitan approach to evening wear – luxurious yet effortless, fashion-forward yet timeless, and versatile enough to be styled differently and worn repeatedly. 
This is fashion created by women, for women.

Living between London and New York and often on the road, our CEO Katherine gravitates towards sleek lines and clean yet special styles that work across all seasons and cities.

Katherine Holmgren - Galvan London

One of her favourite styles is the Berlin Bustier Dress: “Such a clever design! The built in bra gives amazing support and the hard boning at the back makes me stand up straight. The 7/8 length is also perfect for my shoe collection."Galvan London - Berlin Bustier Dress

Galvan Creative Director Sola brings a fashion forward and androgynous approach to her design process with versatile pieces that can be worn from day to night.

Sola Karadottir Harrison - Galvan London

She loves the modern classic Phoebe Jumpsuit: "This is such a timeless could look back on pictures of yourself in 20 years wearing the Phoebe jumpsuit and still love it. I feel this is something Audrey Hepburn would wear today."Galvan London - Phoebe Jumpsuit

Having lived and worked in New York and London, our Design Director Anna-Christin Haas is now based in Dusseldorf. Clean, versatile and timeless is the philosophy behind Anna's designs.

Anna Christin Haas - Galvan London

Anna’s hero design from our AW19 collection is the Roxy Gilded dress: "We loved using one of our simple, clean silhouettes with 90’s DNA at the core and working with a timeless copper colour. The sequins are smaller than usual, which was a new development for us and helped to create the overlapping effect and “reversible” looking paillettes, creating a striking effect!"Galvan London - Gilded Roxy Dress

 Being constantly on the move for meetings and events as Partnerships Director, Carolyn gravitates towards versatile pieces with an understated elegance that can easily take her from the office to cocktail hour.

Carolyn Franks - Galvan London

She is partial to a jumpsuit: “This new take on our signature jumpsuit is my favourite piece of the collection. The rich hunter green velvet is stunning! Elegant and timeless, this style is also so comfortable to wear."Galvan London - Eclispe Jumpsuit


Pictures taken by Patrycia Lukas @patrycialukasphotography. 

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