Timeless investment pieces


Timeless investment pieces

Never has the need for a concise capsule wardrobe felt more relevant than today. William Morris’s famous quote seems apt here: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” We believe this applies to your wardrobe as well, and have collated a selection of pieces that we believe to be equally useful to life’s events, as they are beautiful, and that will spark joy every single time. Additionally, these classic and iconic styles have timeless appeal, meaning that they are true investments that you can rewear for years to come, so quality and cut are key factors. They may even become future heirlooms too. Now, time to meet your style heroes…

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The LBD (little black dress)

{{ £625.00/€825.00/$895.00}}

Possibly the ultimate wardrobe investment, the perfect little black dress cannot be under-estimated. This is a style that will save you countless sartorial headaches, and that will work just as well now as it will in 10 years’ time. Last minute wedding invitation? Big work bash? Private room dinner? New Year’s eve? This LBD is the absolute must for every wardrobe, and will work for all these and more.

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The Cocktail LBD

{{ £650.00/€755.00/$850.00}}

Essentially, the same concept as the regular LBD, but slightly more casual. This calf-length little black dress will equally suit formal occasions — dressed up with bejewelled heels and statement earrings — as it will more relaxed affairs — barefoot in the sand for a beach wedding, dressed down with a denim jacket or chunky knit for romantic dates or drinks with friends.

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The neutral silk slip

{{ £1,095.00/€1,350.00/$1,595.00}}

This style will always work as a bridesmaid look, or for a glamorous occasion where black isn’t right. Made from heavy satin and cut on the bias, this dress skims over curves and falls beautifully. Flattering to every skin tone, this style will be equally chic for a summer night on the Riviera or a black tie event in the Winter, paired with a faux-fur stole and diamonds.

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The statement accessory

{{ £495.00/€595.00/$695.00}}

Dazzling arm candy will always elevate an outfit, be it a full-length gown or jeans and a t-shirt. We love this tasselled clutch in bright hues, sure to brighten your mood and just big enough to store essentials. A modern classic that can be dressed up or down and transitions effortlessly from day to night, this is a staple for any chic wardrobe.

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The power suit

{{ £750.00/€895.00/$1,095.00}}

Tailoring will never go out of fashion for a reason. A well-cut suit will make you feel powerful enough to conquer anything, be in the boardroom or the ballroom. We particularly love this cobalt blue version, which signals strength, but also fun and a sense of humour.

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The versatile separate

{{ £245.00/€295.00/$360.00}}

A cool yet luxe satin camisole will elevate any outfit, from jeans to a floral skirt, suiting to an off-the-shoulder knit. This perfectly cut V-neck camisole comes in a variety of colour, from platinum to black, cobalt blue to safari green.

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The tailored jumpsuit

{{ £995.00/€1,250.00/$1,495.00}}

A Galvan signature, this classic jumpsuit features a discreet corset for the ultimate flattering support. At once simple and striking, elegant and cool, the jumpsuit should be a staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe. In luxurious crepe and with a distinctive V sweetheart neckline, it hits every style note to perfection and will work equally well for a gallery opening as it will for a friend’s party.

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The satin evening jacket

{{ £595.00/€725.00/$875.00}}

This very chic blazer in soft liquid satin will add panache to every look. Made from rich satin that drapes beautifully, this jacket has a flattering narrow cut and slightly flared sleeves. Available in classic black, cool platinum, or buttery nude, it will keep chills at bay on summer nights and be your perfect evening companion.

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The red hot dress

{{ £1,295.00/€1,495.00/$1,695.00}}

Inject colour into your wardrobe with a bold red dress, which will ensure all eyes are on you. An asymmetrical halter neckline wraps around the neck, while a luxuriously long sash cascades down the back. This style is so classic it has its own emoji. Need we say more?

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The sparkly number

{{ £1,195.00/€1,595.00/$1,695.00}}

Maybe controversial, but we believe no wardrobe is complete without a glittering, dazzling, absolutely head-to-toe sequin number. Nothing says celebration like a touch of sparkle, and this Estrella dress is in equal parts disco ball and equal parts understated elegance.



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