‘Galvan Opens A Notting Hill Shop’ by British Vogue

Buying eveningwear is rarely a joyful experience. When you’ve got an “event” to go to, it’s surprising how often you’ll ignore the guiding principles of taste that govern your everyday wardrobe and plump for an outfit you’d never normally describe as “you”, in the interests of formality and speed.

Galvan set out to change that in 2014 when it launched with a series of streamlined, pared-back but nevertheless glamorous column dresses. Founded by
Katherine Holmgren (Commercial Director), Sola Harrison (Creative Director), Anna-Kristin Haas (Design Director) and Carolyn Hodler (Sales Director) Galvan has since conquered the niche for cool eveningwear that feels modern. Now, the girls are launching a ‘studio’ in Notting Hill, their first bricks and mortar outpost, and opening up their archive to re-release bygone styles. Vogue spoke to them exclusively about the latest developments.

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