‘Opening Ceremony’s New Collab: Coming Soon To a Red Carpet Near You’ by Vogue.com

“Galvan, eveningwear’s cool new kid on the block, is about to enjoy some serious limelight. While the London-based brand has in the past nabbed some top-tier red carpet credits (Jennifer Lawrence, Sienna Miller, and Rihanna), the 2016 awards season is poised to see quite a few more. Opening ceremony, along with fashion’s foremost purveyors of sparkle, Swarovski, has tapped Galvan to collaborate on a capsule collection for both Hollywood’s elite and mere mortals alike. The partnership will be serving up custom Swarovski-encrusted numbers for starlets, as well as an OC-Exclusive range of Galvan ready-to-wear looks. (Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s tastemaking multibrand was one of the line’s early stockists, since spring ’15)…”

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