The Galvan brand identity and ethos have always centred around slow fashion. We understand that well-designed clothes stand the test of time, and we prioritise quality and personal style over trends. Galvan pieces are investments that can be styled differently and worn repeatedly, across seasons and years.

Even with this considered approach, we know that producing multiple collections a year has a social and environmental impact. Our responsibility as a brand is to understand and minimise this impact in every way possible. We are by no means perfect, but we are committed to our journey in crafting, creating and operating as consciously as we can.

Through our direct-to-consumer and wholesale businesses we produce tight quantities based on confirmed orders in order to minimise waste. We source innovative fabrics and yarns made from recycled materials, and we use recyclable packaging. We only work with vetted suppliers and certified responsible factories. When it comes to shipping and corporate travel, we aim to reduce this and work as efficiently as possible. In short, it is a priority at Galvan that every aspect of the business falls within our Conscious strategy.

To provide you with more transparency, we’ve added ‘conscious’ tags on relevant products, and listed the sustainable attributes under ‘more information’ on each product page.

Acting on this commitment to slow and circular fashion, in 2022 we launched rental and resale in partnership with industry leaders, My Wardrobe HQ.