Autumn Winter 2024 Show

‘The duplicate’s eyes gently ignited a kinship with the other side, and a fleeting thought lingered between us: I could be.’ - Oldboy, Quote from video excerpt by Hedda Roman.

Titled ‘A fleeting thought’, the Galvan Autumn Winter 2024 presentation under the vision of Creative Director Anna-Christin Haas, draws inspiration from the worlds of AI-art and dance.

The show took place on march 2nd in Paris; fashion, generative technologies and the human body bridge a hopeful correlation between opposing forces. The presentation commences with a dance directed by renowned choreographer Imre van Opstal, to the notes of composer and pianist, Joep Beving.

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To experience the duality of life — between humanity and technology, delicacy and strength, the transformative process of galvanization is interpreted in the dancers' movements. As two individuals come together, an AI-generated video by Hedda Roman transcends the dancers into other-worldly materials, mirroring each movement of their live performance.

The collection was developed in close exchange between Anna-Christin Haas and the artist duo, Hedda Roman. A timely exploration of the human need for constant transformation through self-reflection, and the growing ambivalence regarding what it means to be human in the context of future technologies.

The colour palette as well as the ambiances of the sculptures, poems and AI generated films, were integrated into the designs in an experimental and playful process with artworks, textures and designs.

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Anna-Christin Haas notes: “The work of Hedda Roman can be diffusing and ambiguous – it is questioning the human kind. It matched with a feeling of insecurity we all have in times of global uncertainty. But I also saw hope in what new technologies could do for us”.

Highlights from the collection include a standout show piece engineered with mesh and silicone, sculpted onto the body, galvanizes the connection between the collection and Hedda Roman’s artwork based on a poem ‘The longest possible game 17’. Burnished gold buttons carrying the watchful eye also thread through the collection.

True to Galvan’s house codes, malleable metallics, lightweight knits, and dresses that move with liquidity, provides testament to timeless design and a Galvan woman’s confidence. A rich colour palette of oxblood reds, camels and emeralds are steeped onto liquid and bonded velvet, laminated satin, soft suede and silicone mesh. New knitwear developments for this collection offer a breadth of wardrobe never seen before from the brand.

The collection develops naturally with engineered knit two-pieces in toffee as well as see-through silk shirts and classic suits in wool cashmere. The outcome is modern, complete wardrobe icons that affirm the female form with androgynous cuts and feminine lines that effortlessly take the Galvan woman from day to night.

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Stylist: Helena Tejedor
Casting: Simone Schofer
Choreographer: Imre van Opstal
Dancers: Emilie Leriche, Boston Gallacher
Make up: Manu Kopp
Hair: Joseph Pujalte
Nails: Marie Rosa
Skincare: Gezeiten
Choreography music: ‘Sonderling’ by Joep Beving
Show music: Nora Medín and Rafael Rikou / Next of Din
Creative supervision, music: Charles Bals
Production: OBO Global
Visuals during dance sequence: ‘Sonder’ by Hedda Roman, ©️ Hedda Roman 2024
Artworks during show: ‘Death to Dialectics’, 2023 by Hedda Roman.
© Hedda Roman, 2024. Courtesy the artists; Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf.