Galvan was founded in 2012 for women by women. They came together over a desire to create timeless, modern pieces that empower. Intrinsic to the brand is a sense of appreciation for the dualities of life. That she can be soft and strong, simple and dimensional, vulnerable and protected. 

Today, Galvan remains remarkably true to its founding sensibilities. The pieces are seemingly effortless and always luxurious. With each new collection we are revisionists, looking back and remaking, at the same time. This is how we achieve the perfect combination of modern and timeless, inventive and enduring.

Initially an eveningwear brand, Galvan has since expanded to offer complete ready-to-wear lines that can be worn for any occasion, any time of day. From iconic formal pieces to everyday heroes, our innately effortless style now extends to all parts of a polished wardrobe.

To galvanize is to reinforce and Galvan strengthens womenswear through structured silhouettes and fabric innovation. This finishing process is symbolic of Galvan’s transformative appeal. Wearing Galvan, she always feels empowered and confident, inside and out.

Galvan has been rapidly building its direct-to-consumer business, with the opening of their flagship store in London’s New Bond Street in late 2022, as well as The collections are sold in some of the most prestigious stores globally including Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Saks, Luisa via Roma as well and amongst others.


Founder and Creative Director Anna-Christin Haas understands the female body and imagines a version of modernism in which women come to the fore—drawing on its material and formal integrity. Chromatic power knits become like second skin and fluid dresses and structured tailoring track the contours of the body. 

Born in Dusseldorf Germany, Galvan’s Creative Director started her career as a photographers’ assistant in New York, before moving back to Europe to study fashion design. While living and working in London as Design Director at Jasmine di Milo, Haas met a group of women working in contemporary art, design and fashion that included Carolyn Franks, Katherine Holmgren and Sola Harrison. Together, they identified a need for modern occasionwear that was versatile while imbuing the wearer with confidence, so in 2014, Galvan was born. 

Since 2022, Anna-Christin Haas has been shaping modern ready-to-wear alongside a dynamic team of 20 people in the Galvan West London atelier. Haas meticulously selects fabrics that not only look exquisite but feel luxurious against the skin, celebrating the tactile and sensory. Movement is key in her designs, ensuring clothes move fluidly with the body, inviting wearers to embrace their natural rhythm and express themselves confidently.